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We code

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About Us

What is your morning ritual? We start our day from developing a web page. It’s our love! It’s a pleasure! And we make it with passion! We start our day and finish it by writting code. We are to help you out. We will solve your problem. This is our ritual.

Web Ritual!


We work with these Content Managements Systems (CMS). Already have a website? We can improve it. We can automate tasks and make your job easier.

How can we help you?

WordPress CMS for blogs, personal / business websites and even eshops.

Magento CMS for eshops with many features.

Moodle Learning Management System (LMS) for schools or enyone who would like to teach.

Joomla CMS for blogs, personal / business websites.

ImpressPages CMS for personal / business websites.


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